Italian Wife Sex Adventures -Monamour Tinto Brass Full HD Movie


Video Description:

Monamour is Tinto Brass ‘s best softcore porn movie. It’s a movie about an Italian wife ‘s sex adventures. Her husband doesn’t care about her and her sex life becomes very boring. Until the day she goes out to watch beautiful sculptures and she meets a young guy, who tries to fuck her in front of everyone. She shares this incident with her husband, who ignores it.

Monamour by Tinto Brass can drive anyone nuts if He/She has a fantasy of exhibitionism. The young wife starts gets excited and scared at the same time. One day the same dude meets her again at a party. She slips through her husband ‘s eyes and meets him.

The guy starts dancing with her and lifts her dress in front of everyone. Her naked ass becomes visible to everyone. Tinto Brass did awesome direction in the movie, this is my favourite scene. Husband gets jealous and tries to stop them, both of them gets away from the husband ‘s reach and they start fucking each other. After the party, the jealous husband asks her about the guy and she just ignores him. After this event, she shares this information with her best wife, while taking a nude massage. This is by far one of the best classic Vintage softcore movies by Tinto Brass. Don’t miss this.

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