Pankhuri ‘s latest hotel dare showing nipples to waiter


Video Description:

Pankhuri ‘s latest hotel dare to show nipples to the waiter. Desi Swinger couple Pankhuri and Kunal are back with another exciting video. This time they have decided to tease a waiter in a five-star hotel. At the beginning of the video, you can see Pankhuri ‘s pics in the Transparent Dress. It will surely give you hard on in minutes. Her beautiful boobs poking out from a transparent dress and she is not wearing any bra.

Pankhuri ‘s latest hotel dare video begins with her sitting on the chair. The waiter comes into the room with food. As he keeps the food on the table, she changes her position and gives us a nice view of her tits. After watching their hotel dare videos, I feel like I should start working in a hotel as a waiter instead of doing my job. What do you think about it? Pankhuri and Kunal are the hottest couple on the internet and watching her in such positions can give hard on to a dead man.


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